3-year-old Emily James just taught us all a lesson

3-year-old Emily James just taught us all a lesson

Three-year-old Emily has proven that we can all be inspired by young people. That might sound funny coming from me, at 11 years old, but Emily just gave me a huge dose of WOW! I could tell you about the video, but I think I would rather let Emily tell you in her own words and way.

Here are 5 big things that made me think “wow, we can learn a lot from Emily”:

  1. You are not too young to care for others. 3 year old Emily has compassion and empathy for young children who are sick.
  2. For Emily, her hair is a renewable resource – she knew it would grow back and she said she had lots and lots.
  3. She saw something to give to someone that needs it. We all have something to give.
  4. Emily gave her hair without knowing who the recipient was. The recipient did not know who the donor was, this is the highest level of charity.
  5. You are never too young to make a difference.

I hope that Emily inspires you to be aware of the need and circumstances of others and to always give what you can.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Hannah. Young people can be wildly inspiring. My six-year-old son has been growing his hair for months to donate at the end of April. He’s doing fundraising, too. Keep on changing the world!

    • Thank you Jacki! Way to go! Please let me know when your son will be donating his hair, I could post pictures! That is awesome that he is fundraising for it too, it brings so much awareness into the issue!

  2. I’m Emily’s mom [and owner of FlyPress Films]. Thank you Hannah for sharing her video and the sweet words you wrote. I LOVE what you took away from the video, you nailed it. Obviously it was an idea given to Emily to cut and donate her hair, but even a 3 year old comprehends the significance of sharing what we have a-lot-of with those who have-not. Great work Hannah!

    • Thank you Amy for writing to me! You and Emily are such a big inspiration for so many people! You have made people to believe that you can make someone’s day and do good at the same time! Have a great rest of the week!

      • Hi Hannah,

        Back in Feb. 2014 you posted a blog about our daughter Emily (3 yrs old) as she donated her hair to cancer. There was a very cute video of her getting her hair cut – many people saw the video and were inspired and encouraged.
        I just wanted to share another little video with you. We interviewed Emily along with a few other kids and asked them their thoughts on Christmas. We got some pretty cute answers. You will enjoy seeing Miss Emily again…she looks a little different with her new purple glasses :)
        Here’s the video. Enjoy;

        Merry Christmas Hannah!

        -Amy James (Emily’s Mom)

  3. I’ve donated my hair 4 times now and am growing it out for a 5th. It’s amazing how quickly it grows out. After the last time I donated (it was a big public thing to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation), someone came up to me and told me that she had received a wig because people donated their hair and that it made a huge difference in her outlook. It really means a lot to people, it can be the difference between feeling like a cancer patient and feeling like a person.

  4. Tears!!! Emily reminded me that the physical is temporary. I’ve never seen someone so young so happy to help someone else. Thanks for posting this Hannah :)

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